Daily Site Speed Monitoring

Track your website speed and performance data every day

SpeedMonitor.io uses Lighthouse data to check the performance of your website. We keep a historical log to track changes over time. Get notified when your page speed score drops with email or Slack alerts.

Along with Lighthouse audits, we are now offering Real User Monitoring.

Website speed monitor history

Awesome features of our website speed monitoring tool

Track your page speed over time

Our tool tracks your page speed on a daily basis so you can see a historical trend over time.

Get alerts when site speed drops

We send you email or Slack alerts when your site speed drops below a certain threshold.

On Demand Audits

Run audits on demand to see your site speed at that exact moment.

Check site speed against competitors

See how your site speed checks out against your competitors with a side by side comparison.

Our dashboard gives you all the metrics that matter

First Contentful Paint

The time at which the browser first renders any text or images.

Time to Interactive

The time it takes for a page to become interactive.

Speed Index

The time at which visible parts of the page are displayed.

Server Response (Previously Time to First Byte)

The time at which your server sends a response.

Our Customers

"After Page speed becoming a ranking factor, it’s essential to measure your site speed on a daily basis. Speedmonitor.io Puts this on Autopilot and sends you alerts based on your threshold. So, it makes spotting and fixing any unexpected speed issues quickly before its too late."

Suganthan Mohanadasan, Digital marketing consultant